Battle of Warriors

Taekwondo is the crown jewel of all global sports and one of the premier events is the Battle of Warriors. Every year, competitors and spectators from around the world converge on Georgetown, Ontario, for what always delivers an afternoon of the greatest high-impact action and awards in Taekwondo championship history.

Canada’s Premier Martial Arts Event

This year, on Saturday May 7 2016, the International Open Taekwondo Championships Battle of Warriors event promises to take it to yet another level. In our 21th Annual event, you can expect to witness yet another showcase of extraordinary athleticism pitting the world’s finest competitors against each other in the ultimate battle for respect and supremacy.

World Class Arena

The Battle of Warriors is is held at Gordon Alcott Arena. This is a world class facility with ample comfortable and convenient seating. For more information about accommodations and getting to the event, visit our getting there page.

Greatest Awards in TaeKwonDo championship history

Some find the road to greatness to be thankless and without. Not at the Battle of Warriors tournament. We’ve rapidly become world renowned for awarding highly prestigious trophies and medals to a wider scale of contestants than most any other competition. Why? The Battle of Warriors tournament recognizes that success shouldn’t always be measured by wins or losses. Success in martial arts is measured by ongoing commitment, dedication, effort and enthusiastic participation. At the end of the event, all non-placed participants will receive a magnificent medal to go along with a memory that will last them a lifetime. Of course, top-placed competitors can expect even greater awards.

Endorsed by the Kukkiwon President

The Battle of Warriors is officially endorsed by the Kukkiwan World TaekwonDo Headquarters. To read the official endorsement letter by Kukkiwan president click here.

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